Brian Knudson

I booked the Magic! gig off Craig’s List in November 2013. (Never underestimate Craig!) Shortly after I arrived on set, a band member played the original music video for me, which was a simple cartoon of stick figures. At the time, the “Rude” song was already big in Australia and Sony Music International had recently signed the group. As I listened to the song, I was happily surprised at how professional and catchy it was. I assumed it would get radio play here in the US, but had no clue it would climb to number one. And who could have predicted the video would¬†explode into the stratosphere with 2 billion hits? I’m amused not only by the video’s attention but also that my character is interpreted as rude by some, while not rude by others.

Then the band called me back in the summer of 2015 to reprise my role as the dad in the music video of their new single,¬†“Sunday Funday” (below). They shot it as a clever sequel to the “Rude” story, and featured my scene with Nasri (as my new son-in-law) to open the song.